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The British Nation Identified with Lost Israel

By Edward Hine

Forty-Seven Identifications Of The British Nation With The Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel.
Preface to the New Edition.

As stated in my first Epistle, I did not aspire, at the time I sat down to commit my thoughts to paper for the issue of this Work, to add conspicuously to the literature of my country. I found myself in possession of light that I had received in boyhood, which had taken so firm a hold upon my mind as to be always present with me, and under the influence of which I invariably read the Word of God. The matter grew upon me, until; in the course of years, I clearly saw that the Identity of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel was the one grand,, great essential of the age-the one thing to be accomplished before ever the sublime conceptions of the mind of the Almighty, given forth in His eternal Word, could be realised before the entire nations of the earth, constituting to them THE Call to seek Redemption in Christ, when all creation shall be engrossed in the all-absorbing theme of Glory to God.

By an influence, not of earth, I have been led to come before the British Nation with my views.. God has sanctioned my effort. No other power but His has led to such great success. Poor in thought, badly written, often times clumsily put together, I put forth my Work solely in faith, that God would give to it His breath of Life. I stoutly refused the medium of advertising -not that advertising is wrong; by no means. If I were managing a bank, as I have, or a life assurance office, or, any great commercial undertaking, I would advertise largely. But the Work of the Identity I took to be the Work of God, and in faith left it to Him to give. the success; so that, without advertising, within three. years the result has been that one hundred thousand copies' have been sold. The Work has. gone to all parts of the world-it has been reproduced in America, in some of the Colonial newspapers; gone largely throughout Germany and other Continental States, has brought me fifteen thousand letters of high- commendation, and has caused me to stand before many thousands of my kinsfolk at lectures, conferences, and so forth. Taking a fair average, each copy: of the Work has been read by ten persons,: so that the minds of a million of people have been exercised by its influence. This surely, beyond doubt, justifies tale statement, that the success has come by the power of God; and seeing this, we are led to believe that the Work, really successful so far, is yet but -in its infancy-because, if owned by God,; it becomes glorified by the power of truth; and if true, then the Work is national; and if national, then the whole nation must come to it, so that the million of readers obtained thus far represents but a fraction of the millions who cannot help coming to the study of- this , great subject. 'Having' an immense wide-reaching future before us, that must be touched, and with this thought upon the mind, we have been constrained to consent to revise, and in a large measure to re-write, and re-adjust the "Identifications" that have already enjoyed so large a share of public approval, and now present them with an abundance of new light that has been imparted since the Work first appeared, adding materially to the proofs by giving Forty-seven Identifications instead of "Twenty-seven," presenting the Identity of the British Nation with Israel as most conclusive, and incapable of being controverted,

Much is yet required to perfect all the links in the chain of evidence; yet with the new light coming forth nearly every day, it may be said that a long time is not required to have every point brought forth with irresistible clearness.

As far as my part in this great work is concerned, it is right to say that I have, been attacked, in articles appearing in public prints against my proofs, by Canon Rawlinson in the Leisure Hour, Dr. Talbot, the British Association, the Saturday Review, the An thropological Society, the Friend's Quarterly, Professor Fairflax, and in some separate pamphlets written under initials'; yet not a single real objection to the Identity has been given, indeed, what has been, advanced as objections, upon examination, literally support the cause than otherwise. Thus, in the Identity of the Lion and the Unicorn, it has been objected that the Lion was not with us until the time of James I., whereas it would not have been right if we had had it before. It is the Rampant Lion of Judah, and comes properly to us through Scotland on its way from Ireland, where it had inaugurated the perpetuation of the Royal Seed of David, -the Almighty stipulating with David, by a " Covenant of Salt," that his seed should always rule over the Ten Tribes of Israel. And we have abundance of proof to show that James I: was descended from David; therefore, Judah's Lion could only come to us through him-a most essential support to the Identity, and by no means an objection, All other supposed objections turn round in the same way, strengthening and not weakening the ground, until we have been privileged to amass such abounding proofs of our Identity as to be enabled to occupy David's ground with Goliath, by again and again openly, publicly, and defiantly challenging any man in the United Kingdom, to, produce a single real bona fide objection capable of, upsetting the fact of our being identical with Lost Israel.

The main point of my differing with the late Mr. John Wilson, author of "Our Israelitish Origin," is, that he sought to identify all the Modern. Teutonic Nations as parts of Israel,, whereas I stoutly maintain that to accept this view would lead us to terrible inconveniences and calamities. I see. that the whole Ten Tribes must have become: incorporated, under the Charter of one Nation; that when God addresses Israel He addresses them as a compact body; that He requires the whole Tribes to give response to their prophecies; whereas Mr: Wilson's view would imply., that God would be satisfied if one or two Tribes only responded, it being immaterial, if the rest did not. I maintain that God requires the whole Ten Tribes to become consolidated in an Island Nation. Mr. Wilson's view would sanction the idea that. one or two Tribes might so become, while the remaining eight might form different, Continental Nations. I maintain that God requires the Ten Tribes to be a Consolidated Nation, and to be HIGH ABOVE all the other Nations of the Earth; Mr. Wilson's view implies that one Tribe might occupy this exalted position, and the rest become third, fourth, or tenth-rate Nations-that one Tribe might possess colonies, the others not; that one Tribe might have Israel's' emblems of the Lion and the Unicorn, the others Eagles, Birds, and the like. Hence Mr. Wilson's view, in my judgment,. does violence to Scripture, and would destroy the Prophets. Scores of reasons can be advanced in support of this judgment; indeed, to accept the notion that the Teutonic Nations are all branches of one family would be disastrous, because several other Nations are lost, and have yet to be found, besides that of the Nations of Israel; so that to bind the Teutonic people in one, would be to cut ground away from our feet, and render the discovery of the other lost Nations' impossible. True, the British can trace .n ancestry to Assyria, and it is equally true that the Germans can do the same. But this says nothing; they need not, because of this, be. the same family. The last account we have of Israel was when they were in the land of Assyria; but they were not alone there, the Assyrian people were with them, who were purely Gentiles. Now both Israel and this Gentile people are lost, and yet both have to be found, and both found as great powers: because, Israel, Assyria, and Egypt, .re yet to become three distinct Nations, imparting blessings all around (Is.. xix, 24); so that there must be two great - peoples now upon the earth who .re able to trace .n ancestry to Assyria. But doing this cannot make them one family, because the distinction of Israelites and Assyrians must ever exist. Hence we ask, what two powerful people can trace such ancestry? Why, only the British and the Germans. Then, there .re smaller peoples yet to be identified, to wit, the Ammonites, the Edomites, the Moabites, the Philistines, &c., &c. (Is.. xi. 14); and they must all have an origin from .bout the same region. So that it is . glorious thing that there` should be several nations existing having a Teutonic theory, because, doubtless this very theory may become a most valuable link by which to fix' an Identity upon. the many nations yet lost. Taking this view of things, I should be distressed beyond measure in my own mind -if we were without a Teutonic theory; because, I see the probability of its unravelling a, mystery. It only wants a little research to unravel some most astounding evidences of the nature indicated.

I have been pained by oftentimes hearing the questions asked, "Well, if we are Identical with the Ten Tribes of Israel, what' difference will it make? what object will be gained? Our Identity with Lost Israel will, among other vital points, realise the following results:

  1. It will supply the grandest evidences to the truth of God's Word ever yet given.

  2. It will annihilate infidelity.

  3. It will give to the Almighty His full glory before all Nations.

  4. It will securer the outpouring of the Spirit upon all the British people.

  5. It will purify the Church of Britain.

  6. It alone will give to us Christian Union.

  7. It will exalt us to the position of "the righteous nation."

  8. It will secure for our country Godly legislation.

  9. It will give us equitable taxation.

  10. It will give us a long rest from warfare, securing for us "Jacob's rest."

  11. It will secure for us abounding prosperity.

  12. It will renovate all classes of society.

  13. It will empty our prisons.

  14. It will secure to our country a general amnesty.

  15. It will abolish pauperism.

  16. It will end our sighing and sorrowing.

  17. It will give us universal. gladness and rejoicing.

  18. It will secure for us ministers of religion after God's own heart.

  19. It will obliterate the errors of Ritualism.

  20. It will secure the restoration of the Jews.

  21. It will secure God's long-promised glory upon us.

  22. It will lead to our darkness being made light, and crooked things straight.

  23. It will remove the veil at present upon all nations.

  24. It will enable the Almighty to manifest Himself and Power before all people.

  25. It will enable the Almighty to fulfil His many Covenants made with our forefathers.

  26. It will lead to the, speedy conversion of many nationalities to Christ.

  27. It will lead to the satisfying of the travails of Christ's soul, and prepare the way for His Second Advent.

It is not within the scope of this Work to prove these points, yet I declare that t here are Scriptures upon Scrip-tures promising the realisation of every one of them almost. immediately upon the Identity of Lost Israel being established; and we, being identical with Israel, they must all come to our inheritance. Hence we ask, How can British Christians be indifferent to the Identity of Lost Israel? We promise to take up these points, giving to each one full Scriptural proof through the pages of our monthly serial, Life from the Dead


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